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Consultancy Construction Of CW Units In Different Areas In Pakistan by UN Habitat Country Office

UN Habitat initiated the development of Constructed wetlands in their interventions areas across the Pakistan and invited MAKES to provide the technical support.

According to this contract, MAKESwas responsible to Provide overall technical supervision on the construction of the constructed wetlands at different stages of the construction.

  • Topographical survey
  • Layout and leveling
  • Excavation (earthwork)
  • Civil work
  • Lining and filling of filter beds
  • Operation of constructed wetlands

The consultancy was provided in following villages

    Village Name
    District & Province
  • Mochi Wala Village
  • Muzaffargarh, Punjab
  • Chandia Wastee
  • Muzaffargarh, Punjab
  • Gul Muhammad Ghangro
  • Thatta, Sindh
  • Sonu Lashari
  • Jacobabad, Sindh
  • Thararee
  • Sibi, Balochistan