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Operational Maintenance & repair of Constructed Wetland system

Rain Flood 2011 has hit the 80% of district Shaheed Benazir Abad and Government of Pakistan declared it calamity hit districts of Sindh. Pakistan’s first Constructed Wetland established in village Majeed Keryo was seriously damaged and filled with sludge and particles due to heavy rains and water flows. Many parts of filter beds were broken and media was chocked. SRS generated funds from M/s Sitara Foundation USA and contract out the task to MAKES Company for the repair of Constructed Wetland unit and development of underground sewerage line.

Following services were given during the assignment:

  • New construction of 1000 rft 9” dia RCC underground sewerage line with manholes and path filling
  • De-slugging of grit Chambers and repair of broken parts
  • De- slugging of Anaerobic Baffle Reactor Tank and repair of broken parts
  • Repair of Feeding lines
  • Repair of Filter bad walls
  • Washing of the media / gravels
  • Replanting of Typha and Canna Flowers
  • Construction of outer valve
  • Repair of CW Resource Center coloring
  • Development of nursery
  • Plantation of fruit tree
  • Construction of Bath Room
  • Constructed of water storage tank
  • De- slugging of the reservoir