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Establishment Of Pakistan’s First Biological Wastewater Treatment System Constructed Wetland

Pakistan’s first Constructed Wetland was constructed by SRS under partnership fundwithWWF Pakistan& technical support of UN HABITAT water for Asian cities programme South Asia region.

System was designed to treat 76800 gallon rural wastewater to meet the shortage of agriculture water for forming communities.

Parallel rehabilitation of defunct drainage system was the part of this project. SRS assigned construction tasks to MAKES Company and following services were rendered during in accordance to agreement.

  • Construction of 600 rtf boundary wall
  • Constructed of grit Chambers
  • Construction of Anaerobic Baffle Reactor Tank
  • Construction of Feeding lines
  • Construction of 2 Filter bad
  • Construction of outer valve
  • Construction of CW Resource
  • Construction of Bath Room
  • Constructed of water storage tank
  • Construction of reservoir pond