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Wastewater Treatment Facility In Khazana Center Khairpur

Indus Resource Center under UN Habitat water for Asian Cities Programme desired to develop the Constructed Wetland unit but due to lake of knowledge on the subject Constructed unit was not proper according to specification. UN Habitat advised IRC to seek the support from MAKES in designing of the unit. IRC signed agreement and MAKES team Constructed Wetland unit for IRC in Khazan Center at Khairpur Mirs in Sindh.

According to this contract, MAKESwas responsible to Provide overall technical supervision on the construction of the constructed wetlands at different stages of the construction including but not limited to:

  • Topographical survey
  • Layout and leveling
  • Excavation (earthwork)
  • Civil work
  • Lining and filling of filter beds
  • Operation of constructed wetlands