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Mr. Muhammad Ameen Keryo Director of MAKES Co. has initiated idea to launch the Constructed Wetland system in Pakistan with consultation of Dr. Roshan Raj Shrestha Chief Technical Advisor Water for Asian Cities Programme South Asia Region and initiated Pakistan’s first Constructed Wetland project in year 2009-10 in his native village of Majeed Keryo to address the wastewarerwastewatercontamination issues. M.A Keryo was the Technical Person in this project and also got proper trainings in Nepal on the designing and development of Constructed Wetland systems.

After successful implementation of the pilot project, many institutions invited Mr. Keryo to support in their areas for need assessment and CW Development units. Mr. Keryo has served as Consultant for WWF Pakistan, UN Habitat Pakistan, IRC, P&D Govt of Sindh, MitchlesMitchel’s Fruit Farms, Engro Foundation, Pakistan Customs and Pakistan Navy and also provideprovides technical support in the implementation of Sindhica Reforms Society’s Wetland projects funded by Engro Polymer Pakistan. But due to client’s limitations and not for profit status of SRS, Keryo formed a separate entity “Muhammad Ameen Keryo Environmental Services Company” (MAKES Co) asa social enterprise to promote and strive for the biological treatment approach in Pakistan. MAKES Co. is the Corporate Partner of Sindhica Reforms Society in order to fulfill all corporate needs. of Sindhica Reforms society.

Promotion of Constructed Wetlands in Pakistan is the ambition of MAKES and the founder of MAKES is determined to devote rest of his life to conserve the fresh water resources of Pakistan to meet the need the water less communities.