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Biological Waste Water Treatment In village Nehal Lashari

Village Nehal Lashari District Shaheed Benazir Abad is a small village situated in the bank of motorway crossing from Sakrand city. The sanitation situation of every village is same likewise, but the major issue in this village was the drainage water was dumped in big man made pond near school, which was a breeding place of mosquitoes due to stagnant water, the drinking water quality changed and contamination was clearly observed in the freshwater resource. Engro polymer Pakistan granted this project and SRS has initiated this project with support of local communities and philanthropist. MAKES has constructed entire new system for the treatment of 20,000 gallons wastewater. Treated water is dropped in existing water channels to meet the need of farmers for cultivation. Following services were given during the assignment.

  • Construction of 10x10x12 feet grit Chamber
  • Construction of 1 Settler Tanks
  • Construction of Anaerobic Baffle reactor tanks
  • Construction of one filters bad