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Technical support In Construction Of CW Units In Sanghar

Indus for all Programme has planned to install two small constructed wetland units around the Chotiari Reservoir and Pai Forest to demonstrate the environmental services for constructed wetland. WWF Pakistan has assigned consultancy to Provide Technical support and Quality Assurance during the Construction of two Constructed Wetlands ie Punhoo Gudaro near Pai Forest Nawabshah and Society Park Sanghar to MAKES Co.

According to this contract, MAKESwas responsible to Provide overall technical supervision on the construction of two constructed wetlands at different stages of the construction including but not limited to:

  • Topographical survey
  • Layout and levelinglevelling
  • Excavation (earthwork)
  • Civil work
  • Lining and filling of filter beds
  • Operation of constructed wetlands
  • Ensure quality control in accordance to specifications laid out in the detailed design and project proposal., which will include participation in procurement committee, and supervision of construction work
  • Conduct periodical site visits each on weekly basis to monitor the work progress and for guidance to the site-level staff
  • Prepare field trip report for each visit and submit to the Indus for All Programme and advise on and social or cultural aspects of constructed wetlands where and when